Jan Carroll's Story

Our founder, Jan, speaks to Beth Maundrill, editor of Infosecurity Magazine on what drove her to start Fortify Institute.

I learned one thing about online education is that highly motivated individuals always find a way to tackle the challenge in the most creative and flexible way.



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What are the reasons for learners to choose distant learning (e-learning) over the traditional method?

FLEXIBILITY – Work, family, degree—it’s all possible.

Convenience – Study on your time schedule, no commute, stackable programs lead to certificates and degrees.

Proven Modality – More than 5 million students take one or more distance education courses each year.

What makes MaxCoach different from others? Is that the equipment or the tutor?

New Relationships and Networking Opportunities – Learn alongside students who offer diverse levels of experience and perspective. Students enroll from all corners of the world contributing to a rich classroom environment.

Which kind of opportunities is opened up to me when I take the lead?

Career Advancement and Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Advance your career with additional credentials or degrees. Quality of Instruction – University of Illinois faculty are among the most accomplished scholars in the world. Academic Excellence – Online degree seekers earn the same degree as U of I campus-based degree seeking students.

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