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Fortify Institute is an accredited training center of EC-Council

(EC-Council has trained cybersecurity professionals since 2003 and created the Certified Ethical Hacker certification program).

Fortify Institute is proud to be associated with EC-Council’s $3.5 million scholarship program to close the cybersecurity workforce gap and prepare professionals to detect, combat, and protect organizations from cyberattacks. As a training center, we are committed to building the careers of aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the world’s only entry-level course that builds multi-domain technical skills, hands-on.

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* This program retails for $999 however, successful C|CT Scholarship applicants only pay €199


C|CT Applicant Information

What is Covered in the Scholarship?


Official Curricula e-Courseware Covering 22 Immersive Modules


200 Hours of Premium Learning Content


85 Hands- On Labs (to practice everything you’re learning)

Capture the Flag Exercises

Certification Exam Voucher for the Performance-Based Exam


2400 Pages of Content (includes 900 pages of lab guides)



About the Certified Cybersecurity Technician C|CT Program

Strong Foundational Coverage:
The Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) raises the bar for entry-level cybersecurity programs. The C|CT provides immersive, foundational cybersecurity domain coverage, including key concepts, practical hands-on labs, and critical thinking challenges to produce world-class cyber security professionals. A C|CT Scholarship with Fortify Institute also includes mentoring from EC-Council Approved Trainer and educator, Jan Carroll. 

Course Module

Module 01: Information Security Threats and Vulnerabilities Module 02: Information Security Attacks
Module 03: Network Security Fundamentals Module 04: Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
Module 05: Network Security Controls – Administrative Controls Module 06: Network Security Controls – Physical Controls
Module 07: Network Security Controls – Technical Controls Module 08: Network Security Assessment Techniques and Tools
Module 09: Application Security Module 10: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Module 11: Wireless Network Security Module 12: Mobile Device Security
Module 13: IoT and OT Security Module 14: Cryptography
Module 15: Data Security Module 16: Network Troubleshooting
Module 17: Network Traffic Monitoring Module 18: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
Module 19 Incident Response Module 20: Computer Forensics
Module 21: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Module 22: Risk Management


What You Will Learn


Information security fundamentals.

  • Key issues plaguing the cybersecurity industry (information security and network security)
  • Information security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • Different types of malware
  • Network security fundamentals
  • Identification, authentication, and authorization concepts
  • Network security controls
  • Administrative controls (frameworks, laws, acts, governance and compliance program, and security policies)
  • Physical controls (physical security controls, workplace security, and environmental controls)
  • Technical controls (network security protocols, network segmentation, firewall, IDS/IPS, honeypot, proxy server, VPN, UBA, NAC, UTM, SIEM, SOAR, load balancer, and anti-malware tools)


  • Network security assessment techniques and tools (threat hunting, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and configuration and asset management)
  • Application security design and testing techniques
  • Fundamentals of virtualization, cloud computing, and cloud security
  • Wireless network fundamentals, wireless encryption, and security measures
  • Fundamentals of mobile, IoT, and OT devices and their security measures
  • Cryptography and public key infrastructure concepts
  • Data security controls, data backup and retention methods, and data loss prevention techniques
  • Network troubleshooting, traffic monitoring, log monitoring, and analysis for suspicious traffic
  • Incident handling and response process
  • Computer forensics fundaments, digital evidence, and forensic investigation phases

Exam Details

  • Exam Title: Certified Cybersecurity Technician
  • Exam Code: 212-82
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Exam Availability Locations: ECC Exam Portal
  • Languages: English
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice and Real Life Hands-On Practical Exam
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Exam Mode: Remote Proctoring Services
Terms and Conditions of this Scholarship:
  • This is a partial scholarship which will cover fees for instruction, e-courseware, practical hands-on labs, critical thinking challenges, and live Cyber Range activities. The scholarship will not cover the certification exams proctoring and technology fee (of €199) which must be borne by the applicant. Please apply for this scholarship only if you can bear this fee.
  • Scholarships are limited in number and subject to availability.
  • C|CT vouchers issued through the scholarship cannot be redeemed for their monetary value.
  • Candidates are requested to furnish true and accurate information. Failing to do so will result in the immediate disqualification of their application.
  • It is mandatory to share the contact details and designation of a verifier who can validate the claims made by the applicant.
  • Scholarships will be granted at the sole discretion of EC-Council.
  • Scholarships are not available with any other discount or special pricing offer. Decisions with regards to scholarships are final, and no further correspondence will be considered.
  • This Scholarship is nontransferable, and partial. The recipient must bear the cost of the exam proctoring and technology fees of €199. The applicant must pay this fee within 7 days of the scholarship being granted. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Inability to pay the certification exams proctoring and technology fee and/or changing your program start date will result in forfeiture of any scholarship awarded.
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